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Changing lives one home at a time

For nearly 100 years, the Whirlpool brand has helped people all over the world find better ways to take care of household tasks. We want our customers to live cleaner, more organized, less busy and more flavorful lives through our appliances. So every Whirlpool product is born of our decades of experience creating incredibly useful features.

Today, the kitchen is a place that you want to feel good in while practicing your "inner chef" skills - a place that you want to be visually pleasing. Additionally, with Hawaii's great weather and active lifestyles comes a lot of laundry which means your washer and dryer need to be hard-working and must have cleaning power and performance.
As the Hawaii appliance distributor, at Pacific Appliance Group, we have a full spectrum of appliances in Hawaii to choose from. You can also save energy and resources with high-efficiency products that help save on your utility bills.
When you are ready to select your kitchen and laundry appliances in Hawaii, let us help you find the ones that work best for you.

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