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Specialty Appliances since 1969

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From innovative design to superior construction, SUMMIT products embody quality from the inside out. We offer a full range in style and size that includes our unique thin-line models, designed to fit in those commonly found but hard-to-fill narrow spaces. We have one of the industry's largest collections of ADA compliant appliances and proudly manufacture a dozen models of ENERGY STAR listed products.
Summit Appliances manufactures compact and specialty major appliances: including refrigerators, freezers, beer dispensers, wine-cellars, outdoor refrigeration, all-in-one kitchenettes, laboratory and scientific refrigeration, washer-dryer combinations and refrigerated and freezer drawers.

At Pacific Appliance Group we are well-known as the Hawaii appliance distributor. Let us help you find the kitchen and laundry appliances in Hawaii that work best for you.

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