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What's Inside Matters

For over 100 years, you've heard a lot about our drum rollers and drawer gaskets, our belts and hinges-the commercial grade parts we put inside our appliances. Those parts matter. They make our machines among the most dependable washers, ranges and refrigerators around.

We know that dependability means something a little more to you than just parts and pieces. But we understand that the reason you depend on them is not only because of what we put inside them, but also because of what you put inside them.

We get it. What's Inside Matters.

In Hawaii, we have year-round great weather and active outdoor lifestyles. With living life comes a lot of laundry which means your washer and dryer are hard-working and must have cleaning power and performance. Yet these appliances can also be both beautiful and efficient. As the Hawaii appliance distributor, at Pacific Appliance Group, we have a full spectrum of appliances in Hawaii to choose from. You can also save energy and resources with high-efficiency products that help save on your utility bills.

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